We are short bark and sides your local dog groomers.

We provide high quality washes as well as cutting and styling at competitive prices, A full groom includes

  • nails cut

  • ears cleaned 

  • rough cut/de-shed (depending on breed)

  • bath (we our all-natural shampoo)

  • flea treatment if needed

  • blow dry

  • styled (to your choice)

  • performed at the end

We groom all dog’s breeds ranging from small to extra-large.

We are here to provide a great high-quality dog grooming experience for you and your dog.

We provide an open and relaxed experience.

From our seating area where you will be able to watch us while we work.


Official groomers of the Game of thrones direwolves

Odin and Thor


They played Summer and Grey Wind, Robb and Bran Stark’s Direwolves on HBO’s hit television show, Game of Thrones. Re-watch episode one if you don’t believe us! 

If you want to see them for your self’s check them out at or

Our Team


Paul has a great passion for all dogs! No dog is to big or to small nor to difficult as he believes it is up to the groomer to change the grooming experience from a stressful experience to a relaxing one for all breeds.

He doesn’t shy away from aggressive dogs or dogs with serious behaviour problems he believes there is always a solution , he has studied animal care and animal management he has experience ranging from , dog walking , kennel work and over 5+ years in dog grooming , he has also studied dog training and done many dogs in which other groomers have refused.


He owns 4 Siberian huskies’, a collie cross and a king Charles


Ciara loves all animals and has a great passion for dog grooming she has studied animal management and is currently studying zoology in Queens university and because of this she has great knowledge of skin conditions and parasites.

Her favourites to groom are Pomeranians, chihuahuas, collies and cats. She owns 3 cats of her own and a saluki and collie!

Ciara is a big fan of everything cute and pink so any excuse for you’re dogo babies to get all dolled up and picture perfect she is your groomer!


Eva Siberian husky who loves just hanging about and making the other dogs calm, as she is very easy going, she’s loves sleeping about and occasionally bothering people for food


Rocket is a very playful pup who loves nothing more that playing he will literally play all day, he has a great passion for water and chewing things.


Harley is very slender and tall gent, with a great passion for cuddles, he loves nothing more than putting his wet nose in your face to make you smile!

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